Rochdale Fire Alarm Company Click 24 Protect Stadium – Designs and Installs Stadium Fire Alarm System to BS5839

Rochdale Fire Alarm

Click have this week been given the go ahead to start a unique Fire Alarm System in Rochdale.  The fire alarm designed to BS5839. The stadium system will comprise 4 Panels 2 repeaters and over 300 devices .  The system installed in a stadium will protect 4 individual buildings but when networked will work as one system,  the cause and effect has been discussed and will be implemented on commissioning, the ground will be have the optimum in management of the Fire Alarm systems  and provide the ground with the optimum in automatic Fire Alarm Protection. 

This is the third discipline we are installing for the client, a site wide CCTV system and the start of an Access Control installation program were both installed in 2019

Our team have completed all of the works and the client has got a good working relationship with our team.

Recently they’ve had similar clients visiting the ground to look at the CCTV installation and hopefully we can follow this up and create a new contract which will be a fantastic referral.

The equipment has been designed to BS5839. The system will be controlled by Advanced Networked Fire Alarm Panels with Apollo Discovery Detection. The whole system will be on a network enabling the whole system to be controlled from any one of six panels around the ground

The system has safety features built is as the standard requires. Lifts will drop, Access Control Doors release and gas system shutting down in a fire condition.  There are also alerts planned though the system to notify ground staff of situations

Click Vehicles Leaving Rochdlae
The Click Fleet on the Move