Security Alarm Installation Rochdale Area

Bell BoxThe Click 24 team are having a major push on maintenance and monitoring of both security alarms and throughout the Rochdale and Greater Manchester area

The management team have been looking closely at the business and the client base is creeping further away, 95% of the maintenance contracts within the business are within a 40 minute drive of the Milnrow head office, As we only install commercial systems we have a smaller market than the domestic players and will naturally travel.

Factoring in the high street chains and several of our client are national we still believe we are keeping it local

Recently entrusted with a 140 door access control install in a Manchester public building and our technicians completing some of the Fire and CCTV installs for major clients we have the experience that’s required, we just need some of the bigger companies within Rochdale and the Manchester area to realise that were on there door step


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