Security Alarm Installation By Rochdale Click 24 Ltd

There are 3 reasons to install an up to date intruder alarm system but one major benefit, could you sleep at night if it wasn’t working

1,  The bell outside rings and people are aware, sounders inside go off.  This normally takes a few minutes,  The bell will ring for 15 minutes, accidental activations are normally cancelled within 90 seconds, people then assume it was a false alarm, If it rings later they notice

2, If the system is monitored it will go through to the monitoring station, there are different types of equipment but the process at the alarm receiving centre doesn’t alter.  Note! if the system is accidentally set of on an entry route, nothing happens for the 1st ninety seconds

3, Since 2004 the alarm systems send a first activation, this is a one detection point activating, when a second one goes there is a confirmation, this send the Police and key holders to site

Do I really need one?  If you’ve got any of the above your break in will be a quick in and out.

If you haven’t got any of the above your visitors can stop for the weekend

The question is, Can we provide you piece of mind with one of our systems

Jan 2016  DD

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