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Expert School Lock Down Systems, Integrated with Speakers and Access Control

Integrated School Lock Down Systems by Manchester Based Click 24

Over the last few months, we have been asked for school lock down systems which integrate access control, CCTV and class change. We have looked at all of the information available to us through the media, spoken with school security specialists and looked at the various pieces of equipment available on the market.

The standard requirements which are on offer are:

  • To have the ability to raise alarms from multiple points across the school to warn staff and pupils of any developing situations
  • Provide a class change alternate to the fire alarm and traditional bells
  • Be able to use the system as a public address for announcements
  • Play recorded music

We have been looking at how we could further enhance these systems and can provide:

  • Offsite signalling for assistance in a full lock down
  • Allow CCTV images to be transmitted
  • Allow access for a remote specialist CCTV centre to access the images
  • To electronically control the school doors and entrances
  • The equipment can be programmed to conform with any changes are the guidance and standards develop over time

Before installation, a full site survey is required so that we can utilise and integrate any existing public address, CCTV or access control system. Our company’s core works is the installation of integrated Fire and Security solutions and so a lock down could be incorporated within the existing network and services. When we install these systems, we will ensure that the control system is within a secure office or coms room.

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