Rochdale Based Manufacturer Making the Full Use of CCTV supplied by Click 24 Ltd

Our Sales Team have received order number 5 from a Manufacturing Company based in Rochdale.

This latest order of equipment is to cover the new manufacturing area being installed. The company uses robots for some of the applications, the whole process is monitored by CCTV

Order 1 Was covering the general area of the stacker trucks and general walkways

Order 2 Covered some of the machines, the client realised the benefit of using an IP camera to monitor the process, they were dialling in from home and viewing problems with breakdowns

Order 3 Upgraded the recording to 90 days.  defects don’t always show themselves in the first couple of months, New recorders were installed with enough storage to last 100 days.  The recording was split between 2 units.  We also installed CCTV cameras and monitors on some of the plant for the operatives to view the far end and middle of the machine, at over 20 metres long this enabled the operator to shut down if they saw something starting to go wrong.

Order 4 This covered some of the external areas, loading the product and the movement around the yard.  The client system moved to over 40 cameras.

In November last year I had a meeting. A few weeks before one of the automated machines had broken on a weekend, the manager dialled into the system and found the incident, the images are so clear he could see what had caused the incident. The technicians were pointed to the exact cause, this evidence also prompted a new guard to be installed to prevent a re-occurrence

Order 5 has arrived.  This equipment will monitor the new manufacturing facility, it includes a new recorder which will give the new system the 100 days required.

As CCTV Technology moves forward the use of CCTV to monitor manufacturing has major benefits.

Everyone likes things to go right but this is a true success story, the client has made quite a substantial investment on his equipment, largely funded by the savings the system is making


Feb 2018

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