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Repair of Broken Fire Alarm in 140,000 Warehouse by Manchester Based Click 24 Ltd


Job of the week

This week we were called to a 140,000 sq ft Warehouse in Barnsley.  The building had a 15 year old Fire Alarm Panel, the software was written in DOS.  The company has had many problems with the system over the last few months, one of the problems seemed to be the maintaining company was from down south and they were using Sub-Contractors to look at the faults.

A plan as put together to change over the system with the minimum amount of down time to ensure the building was protected, a risk assessment was completed after the first day

Monday,  Our technicians arrived on site to have a look at the system, all of the equipment was checked to ensure we had every part ready to go.  This visit identified we needed hole cutters and resistors.  very simple parts of the install, game stoppers if you haven’t got them in your kit, we assed the risk and planned the changeover for Wednesday

Tuesday was a full day marking up every device on a drawing, we found the zone list which enabled us to work out the original configuration of the system for programming

Wednesday, The panel was changed over, the 4 loops connected back in and the loops checked, this brought up faults on 2 of the loops, a corrupt call point that’d probably been in fault for a while, several detectors showed up faults, we assume these had been omitted from the system. The afternoon was spent checking and clearing the faults. the call point was replaced

Thursday and Friday.  A full service of the system, The detectors across the building can only be accessed by a MEWP

At 3pm Friday, the system was repaired and fully serviced, certificates and service planes will be prepared and forwarded on Monday

Our happy customer has the confidence his system is now fully operational and stable

DD Mar 2016

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