New Entry Control System for Salford Schools. Rochdale Click 24 Ltd,

Two local Salford schools are having their entry gates upgraded and improved

Project 1 sees the existing intercoms replaced with the latest Paxton IP Entry phone systems, this equipment will come back to the school on a cat5 and connect onto the dedicated security network.

Paxton IP Door Entry

Paxton Entry

The entry system has a SIP interface which gives the school the option of having the unit connected onto the schools phone network.  When a modern IP SIP phone is connected it works the same as any phone on the network and can be programmed by the phone company.

Project 2 is a smaller contract, the school gate is having access control and an intercom installed, the gate is having a Locinox closer. A magnetic lock will secure the gate.

When a caller arrives they ring the school office, the staff can speak to the caller, identifying them and allow access from the phone

Both jobs will be ready for the children’s return early September

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