Nacoss Gold Intruder Alarm for Spring Manufacturer in Rochdale

Nacoss Gold Intruder Alarm for spring Manufacturer in Rochdale

Our small works team have started a three day installation to install a Grade 2 Intruder Alarm system in this well-established business.

The companies insurers recommended the system be installed to protect the business

The panel is a Galaxy 20 with Pyronix Detection and CQR Contacts

Complying with En50131. Pd6662 and BS8243. The system will give the client the protection they require. More importantly it will substantially reduce the risk of burglary and if there was a breech reduce the intruders time on site dramatically

The system will be maintained by our service team with 2 service visits per annum. The signalling is by a Dualcom ATS 4 signalling the an NSI Gold ARC


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