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More schools lined up for monitored CCTV around the Manchester Area

The success of CCTV to monitor the vast number of entrances and wide open spaces of the schools has been a success for many years, the main draw back was the high number of activations caused by animals and different objects carried by the wind, there’s little surprise if a school has 50 alarms over night on a detector activated system, do the guards get complacent? I don’t think anyone can argue the value of these systems over the last few years and the millions they have saved in property damage and theft.

The modern systems are analytic, they cover a vast area of the grounds and only detect people and vehicles in the areas programmed.  Now there’s always a BUT!  This isn’t video analytics, neither is it a trip wire.  The systems that works and are fit for purpose have the iLids accreditation

The ingredients are simple, the corrects analytics. up to date cameras and a well positioned public address system provides the solution to a very big problem

We’re always keen to assist and design these systems

DD  Mar 2016



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