Monitored CCTV System, Upgrading coaxial to IP CCTV proposal for Rochdale Client

Monitored CCTV System, Upgrading coaxial to IP CCTV proposal for Rochdale Client


The client has a coaxial CCTV system connected to a remote monitoring station, this has been in place for around 10 years, a mixture of Dedicated Micros (Dennard) and Pelco PTZ  dome cameras recorded and transmitted on a Hietel CCTV Recorder.

The system has been maintained by one of the smaller national companies.  Although they are an accredited company we have stated the system is beyond any cost effective repair and we cannot provide  a maintenance program


We have proposed a HIK Hybrid 16 channel recorder, this will record a couple of the existing static cameras which are around 300 metres from the control equipment through ducts, the new IP cameras will be installed on the buildings covering the external yard areas

The cameras will be either Axis or HIK.  The system cameras will be connected to a Davantis Video Analytics unit, this will connect to the remote video monitoring station, the exiting audio system is operating OK

Our proposal will re-cable this system to provide a completely new system, we can achieve with a few checks on the transmission paths and the setting arrangements BS8418.

The system and equipment has been tried and tested across the North West, we have schools colleges and commercial clients protecting there assets with our fit for purpose monitoring solution

Derek Dixon, October 2015

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