Major Fire Alarm Repair – Salford – Manchester

The Click team have just completed a Fire Alarm System Repair. at a premises in Salford.  The system had 97 faults when our guys first arrived on site, the maintenance company had carried out fault finding and completely lost control.

A detailed survey was carried out in December, It soon became clear the major problem with the system was the cabling. At some point in the past the original MICC cable had ran an old system, with new buildings being constructed with FP200 it’s quite clear now corner were cut.

Around 30 call points were causing issues as they were not compatible with the system, many of the pots had on the devices.

The agreement was then made for us to have an engineer on site for a week to check every section of the works. At the end of the week a report was produced and a plane to replace and remove all of the MICC, change the call points and fault find any issues when completed.

As no fault was found with the control equipment, All panels and all control equipment and detection have been re-used.

The works took 5 weeks to complete, some of the runs were quite challenging, drilling was done out of hours as the building was in use throughout the works

The system has been left fault free and in full working order, the panels are networked and a full test has been carried out on the whole site.

We are really pleased with the performance of the team on site, the client has reported back how impressed he was with the works.

The moral of the story is cutting corners with a Fire Alarm will burn your pockets in the end.

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