Intruder & Burglar Alarm Rochdale. Taking over older systems

As Click grows we are taking on more Older installations throughout the local area, I think it’s fair to say we never seem to get any good ones.  The majority of takeovers are in a poor state, one recent system which had a total of 75 devices only actually had 19 working circuits on the alarm. The local accredited installer was notified, we thought it was better he new what his staff where up to,  he declined to call back and get the information.

Theses systems have to be assessed, the Click policy is quite simple, is the client stable, will they see out a five year contract. if it’s a positive, do them a deal and swap the control panel, bells and check the detection.  It’s the best solution, everything works and we naturally reduce false alarms and call outs.

One site this week can’t get insurance, the industrial unit has thousand’s of pounds of kit, no signalling or response, the panels a domestic system with 8 devices, the site needs a minimum of 18 devices

We feel our policy works for all parties, were not about making a fast buck if we can develop a good working relationship

Always looking for new, we have a big target and a mass of capacity, If anyone has any concerns ask them to get in touch, we don’t charge for advice

DD Oct 2015

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