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Intruder Alarm Signalling, Grade 2 or Grade 4, in Manchester and North West

There are different types of signalling that can be installed with your security systems,  We tend to specify 2 from the selection available The Grade 2 for the low risk building, maybe a client who has a grade 2 system and wants to make the saving, we only recommend these for very low risk systems

The majority of our systems have the more secure Grade 4 signalling.

Both systems operate the same, the Grade 4 pols the system every minute and reports every 3 minutes. If both paths failed the monitoring system would be notified within 3 minutes.

ATS 2  Signalling.  Multiple signalling paths – GPRS, telephone and/or IP/TCIP

Detects signalling path failure in seconds (line cut, GSM blocking, network failures)

Dual signalling is preferred by insurance companies and the Police

GradeShift® enables remote up/down grade for increased insurance specification

• EN Grade 2 dual path signalling service Polling via Gemini every hour

ATS 4 Signalling The ultimate signalling solution for premium commercial installations

Compliant with EN50136 Grade 4 maximum insurance approval and loss protection in UK

Polling via Gemini every minute with 3 minutes

• Upgrade to GradeShift® UDL available

Both systems have Multi-network WorldSIM as standardfor increased reliability

For further information call the Click Team on 01706 751990

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