Intruder Alarm repairs for Littleborough Company with New Fire System

Click 24 were called to a Littleborough Company a few weeks ago.  Serviced by one of the nationals the client was so disillusioned the alarm was switched off.  The complaint was multiple technicians coming to site the correct faults, the faults were never cleared correctly, the people coming to site were giving different explanations to the problem, the end result was a very expensive quote.

When we arrived we did a risk assessment, there were 2 areas that where un-protected and would not give a confirmed response,  we came up with a solution to the shutters by covering the area with Dual Tech’s

The contract was signed and the works completed, we carried out a complete system diagnostic and checked every cable and device, new cables were run to a new expander at the rear of the premises and 2 detectors installed.  The building has a grade 4 Dual Com signalling device and the system is on Police Response

We cab only assume the client is happy, they ordered a brand new Fire Alarm and a CCTV system. both have been installed in the last month

The building is now secure, has CCTV, complies with the requirements of BS5839 for the Fire Alarm

We have a five year contract and will ensure the systems are at there optimum in the future

DD Aug 2016IMG_2287

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