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It continually amazes me how the bigger players are getting away with there charges.  We are a decent size SME and have all of our costs in line with the similar operators throughout the business

I’ve been to two clients in the last few months to discuss taking over there systems, one was charged £700.00 for a keypad. the second one paid a tad under £500.00.  Both had a similar tail, there was a problem an engineer attended, said the keypad was faulty and a salesman sent a quote for a new one.

If this had been a Click technician he would have had the keypad on the van,  The call out and labour would have been around £100 and the keypad dependent on which system no more then £130.00.  It would have been half the cost.

Things are tight at the present time and we continually explain to people were in some cases half the price of the nationals.  To say were better, well you’d have to find out for yourself, but consider, we’re mowed out and still 80% of the business is referral

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