HIK Vision DS-7316HUHI-F4/N with DS-2AE5223TI-A CCTV Upgrade to NHS Sites, Manchester

Click 24 have recently been entrusted with a contract to upgrade the CCTV systems at Several NHS sites around the North West.  The sites are all around 10 years old and the client decided to change all of the equipment

There is a major improvement in the quality of the image viewing live, the images don’t degrade in the recording process, the replay is almost as good as the live view.  Increased disk size has extended the current recording time.

The PTZ cameras are controlled by a twist/zoom keyboard.  One of the sites has 6 external domes, 17 static’s 2 Turbo HD DVR’s new monitors and commissioning,  The works took 4 days

One point we made to the client, the upgrade has probably cost a 3rd of the cost of the original system.  Click have been installing IP CCTV system for the last 10 years.  The Turbo HD definitely has a place in the market for upgrading any coaxial system

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