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Our standard Maintenance Agreements can be basic or fully inclusive

Overview of our packages

CCTV maintenance and CCTV servicing is quite often overlooked or forgotten about until its too late. After the design and installation of the Cctv security system comes the next critical stage of maintaining the system. It’s Just like any other maintenance of high end electronic equipment e.g. computer network, IT networks etc. We list exactly what will be covered below and check every detail of the system.

You will be able to choose from a comprehensive or periodic maintenance agreement to ensure that you get the most out of your security system.

Our CCTV maintenance & repair team are responsible for both emergency and routine maintenance.

Our standard maintenance and repair process includes:


Inspection of all accessible major CCTV components including cabling & connections for deterioration or damage.  Check cameras, housings, supporting brackets and towers for deterioration or damage.

Check all camera bracket fittings and clamping bolts are tight.

Check the camera field of view is correct & lenses correctly focused.

Check operation of auto-iris lenses as appropriate.

Clean camera lenses and housings windows.

Check operation of infrared units.

Check and adjust pan / tilt unit. (If required).

Check that washer bottles are full, refilling if necessary. (If required).


Check monitor and cable connections for deterioration or damage.

Check controls and adjust for best picture.


Check and adjust time / date settings.

Check operation of telemetry controllers.

Check operation of switchers and multiplex controllers.

Check controls and cable connections for deterioration or damage.


Ensure that recording settings are optimum for length of time and quality.

Check and adjust time / date settings and time-lapse / memory settings.

Check operation controls and make short test recording.

Check recording and playback quality.

Check NVR’s and drives  for signs of malfunction.

Check hours run indicator and recommend its removal for service as appropriate offering a Temporary replacement.

Conduct any repairs as needed.

We recommend a standard maintenance service every 6 months to keep a CCTV system in good repair.

24 Hour emergency response also available.

Our service contracts can also be tailored to provide:

  • Fully inclusive labour charges
  • Options that include replacement parts • 24-hour 365 day critical response and support • Agreed levels of response • Comprehensive training for additional or new staff.
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Periodic System checks to ensure full functionality.

Any questions call us for free advice.


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