Davantis Video Analytics for Derby Based Power Tool Importer, Installed by Click 24 Ltd

Click technicians are commissioning our latest monitored CCTV system, This is another Dvanatis Installation utilising the latest technology, Video Analytics has the ability to intelligently analyse a scene, and can drastically reduce the number of false and nuisance alarms generated by a CCTV system. With option to add on additional features such as Smart Scene, Smart Wire, and Smart Watch, Video Analytics can be used to protect an ever growing number of sites, in scenarios that would be almost impossible using any other technology.

The monitoring utilises 12 of the 16 external cameras, the Installation has a total of 70 cameras all recorded on HIK 9600 series NVR’s

The audio announcement is delivered to the TOA amplifier by a Barix IP unit. 14 TOA 15 watt external horns have been installed.

The site is an open site. there is no fence line and the car park is open.

The detection will be kept close to the building, the system will be checked every day for the first few weeks for the monitoring and adjustment of the zones to ensure the site received the optimum cover based on an open site operation


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