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Click 24 use Dualcom, DualCom is the UK’s best selling dual signalling system and is supplied multi-network WorldSIM


Part of the CSL DualCom Security range

DualCom GradeShift® UDL provides installers with a reliable product that’s easy to install on a single hardware platform for any grade of risk. GradeShift® UDL offers all of the features of  Dual Com Grade Shift and enables Remote Servicing and Diagnostics (RSD) on an installed alarm control panel. This saves valuable engineer time and cost by reducing the need for unnecessary site visits. Response times are quicker and the overall service is less disruptive to the end-user. RSD also eliminates the need for a phone line at the control panel and PSTN modems at the office by converting telephone lines to radio or IP. The connection to the panel also gains additional protection from the Gemini Managed Network

DualCom is the UK’s best selling dual signalling system and is supplied with the award winning multi-network World Sim  at no extra charge, offering access to all mobile networks. This means fewer false alarms for the ARC and less unnecessary key holder call-outs for installers and their customers.

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