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CCTV Monitoring Manchester. Latest IP Cameras available

With the success of 2015 and the installation of several CCTV monitored systems in Manchester the trend is growing,  The cameras are getting better, the storage technology is improving and the prices have tumbled.  the cost of a monitored CCTV system has dropped by over 40% in the last 5 years.

This type of installation is probably the best pound for pound investment you could have protecting your business especially is you store your assets externally.

The basics of any security system is perimeter, trap and target.  No one simply lets people onto their sites, the first line of defence is the fencing and gates, when this is breeched by an intruder they enter the protected area, if you could imagine this as a factory, their then within the trap, If a person walking past saw them inside the area would they be suspicious?  The answer is were not sure.  This is where the CCTV analytics really come into there own.  Modern systems only alarm when they see people or vehicles anywhere within the view of the camera.  (within reason, lets say up to 80 meters)  The alarms are then sent through to the monitoring station,  They know who should be there and who shouldn’t

The CCTV monitoring people deal with the intrusion over the speakers and ensure the intruders are picked up before they reach the target

These systems are simple, effective and do the job.  There are many reasons for having CCTV these days, the monitoring side of the business gives you real piece of mind

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DD Feb 2016

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