CCTV Fitted Manchester – Monitored CCTV to Salford Primary School

Monitored CCTV to  Primary School  Manchester Area

This weeks seen our second analytics go live on a Manchester School,  Monitored by the council control room the service is by far the best  way of protecting the school

The first nights alarms where a little excessive but these are down to a few each night.  the local authority also do the key holding and have access to other responses

This has follows all of the 2015 monitored system using the Davantis, Hik 3 & 4 MP static cameras and a Hik recorder for on site monitoring

Click technicians install a dedicated security network and the broadband router giving our technicians full control of the end to end solution

These systems have got to be the future for protecting sprawling sites with multiple risks


DD DEC 2015

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