Business growing by referral, Intruder, CCTV and Access Control by Rochdale Based, Click 24

Orders for our Smart CCTV Systems are starting to gather pace.  With orders for large CCTV installations in Leeds, Salford and Rochdale. The company continues to be at the forefront of the latest systems

Each of the systems have the Sateon Access Control. integrated which is proving very popular

With the Sateon being an upgrade for the Janus it’s a direct upgrade for Siteguard Access Control.  April will see the drive to enlighten people of the upgrade giving them the option to bring there systems up to date!

As ever the Intruder Alarm business keeps rolling on, With our NSI Gold certified systems our clients enjoy the benefit of a well-designed secure site with reduced risk. Intruder alarms are the last defence in some of our systems

Mar 2015

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