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ANPR Cameras being tested by Rochdale CCTV specialist Click Fire & Security Ltd

ANPR testing planned for October, there are so many developments in CCTV its frightening, the systems are shaper, clearer and faster.  You can’t identify a number plate on a standard system but Its no problem these days reading a number plate at 10 to 15 metres even if its doing 30 miles an hour when looked at a still frame.  There’s lots of toys which seem to work to varying degrees

The one we are about to trial as a company is ANPR, we have been promised it works, the proof will be in the pudding

Two sites have been identified to have the system installed, both have intimated they will buy the system at an agreed rate if they are successful

The primary task will be to identify the employees cars and allow them access to the secured sites, we will keep posting on the success of this trial


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