Alarm System Manchester Police Responce


Burglar & Intruder Alarms in Manchester with Police Response

It’s our 5th Year of trading. The business is growing mainly by referral, trying to be the best is so hard but we continually strive to deliver the very best service, our team is getting stronger and the futures looking bright.

Specialising in providing safer working environments by the implementation of Intruder Alarm, Access Control, CCTV, and Fire Alarm Systems, We are continually looking for clients and customers for both our installation and maintenance teams.

Our company is Lean, Local and fully understands the curent climate, we did incorporate the business in a reccession.

2015 has brought the company from a new start to a truly recognised player. More and more monitored CCTV systems are going in. Our intruder connections are flowing. The younger managers are implementing new ISO systems and practices that will keep the business in its toes enduring we exceed our clients expectations.

DD October 2015


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