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Care home requires specialist access control system


The care home has two day time offices, a night office and 2No 1st floor nursing stations, when a caller arrives at the main entrance they could be going to any of the 4 areas of the building, what happens is the reception answers the door in the daytime and the visitor has to wait in reception and then be guided to the right area, daytimes fine but the night shift have many problems. not as many staff and no admin team to deal with the visitors can be different, it’s not unusual for a 5 minute trip to open the door

Click have designed the system based around a standard phone system with an exchange, this is backed up by a CCTV camera which is displayed above 4 of the monitors.  When a caller arrives out of hours the person depresses the intercom, all of the phones ring, any of the phones can answer the call and speak to the visitor. the call is then put through to the correct person in the correct area, staff can then speak to the visitor and allow the door to open from the handset.

The phone system could be a part of the normal phone network and external calls could come into the building, in this case it’s stand alone

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