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Our fire alarm systems are designed and maintained from the very latest in fire alarm technology and you’ll find many of our systems in Rochdale, Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire and Merseyside. Our maintenance technician are trained on the latest fire alarm equipment and fire alarm systems.

Fires are by far the most destructive and disruptive cause of damage to a business. Fire is probably the most catastrophic event which a building is likely to experience and carries with it not just a threat to property but also to the occupants. Uncharacteristic acts of carelessness or lack of knowledge or understanding of obvious hazards often causes fires and on occasion fires are deliberate. Fires also cause consequential loss which the business may not be insured against, such as the provision of temporary accommodation and the loss of data and records. The prevention of fire requires the client to be aware of the risks and to employ practices that reduce that risk.


There are numerous ways of reducing the risk of fire damage, the most common being automatic fire detection systems, automatic extinguishing, substantial physical measures such as, fire resistant doors. It is important that all fire safety equipment will operate when called upon, therefore fire systems and appliances have to be maintained in accordance with national codes of practice and to the manufacturers’ recommendations. Click Fire & Security provides a range of fire systems and products including portable extinguishers and emergency lighting units and systems. All fire systems and products are maintained regularly in accordance with national standards, statutory requirements and best practice.

In many cases the design of the fire alarm system is dependent on the fire risk assessment, we work closely with many surveyors advising them on the fire alarm element of their report.

fire alarm


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, 2005, effective from 1st of October 2006, applies to all workplace premises in England and Wales and replaces or amends all previous fire regulations and laws. Fire certificates are now a thing of the past and will need to be replaced with an up to date fire risk assessment.

It requires that:
The responsible person at any premise must have a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment carried out by a competent person.

Appropriate risk based fire training must also be carried out on a regular basis, again by a competent person.

The definition of competent is where a person has had sufficient training and or knowledge and other qualities to carry out that role

What is a fire risk assessment?
A fire risk assessment evaluates your premises in terms of fire safety hazards (to people and property). It also provides clear guidance including a prioritised action plan on how to minimise the risks.

How long does a fire risk assessment take?
The site visit is usually completed within a day. Once completed, you will be provided with an easy to understand report and a full briefing as part of the service. Who does the assessment? Our fire risk assessors are fully qualified by the British Safety Council with a minimum of 7 years’ experience in the Fire Alarm Industry.

Why can’t I do the fire risk assessment myself?
You can, if you have the time and expertise to do it. Beware that for an untrained person a fire risk assessment can be time consuming and might not meet the legal requirements. You may want to consider leaving it to the professionals. We provide fire risk assessment in Manchester and further afield.

What Fire Safety Training will we need?
Your assessment will determine the level of fire safety training needed for your staff. This may range from issuing booklets or using videos to undergoing a tailored fire safety course. Whatever is recommended we will ensure that your company complies with the training requirements under fire safety legislation.

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